What’s In My Bag/ Zara Bag Unboxing!

There are three reasons in which I’m writing this post…

1) I am the biggest bag clutterer and I knew this would force me to clear the bloody thing out
2) I love having a nosey at these posts so thought you might do too
3) To show off my beautiful new bag (what better reason, ay?)

I thought I would start off this post with an actual unboxing of my new bag – Zara package their deliveries so beautifully so it would be a shame not to share! I’ve been drooling over this bag for a long time and I’ve gradually been saving up, convincing myself (once again) that I need this beauty in my life.


So now you’ve met my new companion (name suggestions welcome) let’s get on with what’s inside…


When I’m using a smaller every day bag like this I always use this gorgeous wallet style purse from Fossil. This was a present from my boyfriend’s mum a couple of Christmases ago and I absolutely love it. I use this for money, my bank cards and my ID, and then I use this Paul Costello cardholder along side it to hold things like my loyalty cards, rail card and train tickets.


The next obvious bag essential is my keys – I carry my house and my uni keys on the same chain held together by this super cute keyring that my boyfriend got me from Susie Watson. I love the simplicity of it and the tiny little bumble bee is adorable. (Yes, I’m easily pleased).


The next thing I always carry in my bag is a purse full of on the go essentials. With a smaller bag I tend to carry a mirror, some hand cream, and also my lipstick and lip balm. If I was using a bigger bag then I would probably carry a little bit more makeup. As you can see I also carry some plasters because anyone who knows me will know that I am completely incapable of wearing sensible shoes.


I wish i could say I carry this next thing with me all of the time like I’m supposed to, but I know at the times where I really need my glasses, I will open my case and it will be empty… that’s what I get for not wearing them all the time when I’m supposed to. But anyway,  for the majority of the time I will be carrying a pair of glasses in my bag for when I eventually realise I should probably put them on.


And finally, I have this mini pencil case from Cath Kidston which is the perfect size to fit into a smaller bag like this. Also, my student card for that oh so needed student discount *smirks*, oh, and also because I can’t get into uni without it… but that’s not as important now is it…



I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nosey inside my bag. Let me know in the comments below what you think of my new bag and what handbag essentials you can’t live without.

L J x

Cross Body Embossed Chain Bag – Zara


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