Budget Brush Cleaning Rountine

I’ve never been one for splurging out on products to clean my makeup brushes. I just don’t feel like it’s essential when there are other options out there that are so much cheaper. With that being said, if I had more money there are definitely products out there that I want to try out – but for now, I’m going to share with you my brush cleaning routine on a very little budget (student struggs).


The only thing in this routine that needs to be purchased is Johnson’s baby shampoo, and at the price of £1.59 it really didn’t set me back too much. In the past I have used washing up liquid, but the baby shampoo is a little less harsh on the brushes.


As a base for cleaning the brushes I use an old flannel that I have sacrificed to being ruined by makeup stains – why I chose to use a white one I do not know *rolls eyes*. If you don’t have a flannel that you want to give up then you can always use toilet or kitchen roll, but be prepared that you will need to use a hefty amount of the roll. The only other thing you will need for this brush cleaning routine is a cup of warm, soapy water.

Soooo, the first step to cleaning the brushes is  to squeeze a generous amount of baby shampoo directly onto the flannel.


Then, place the brush into the soapy water and go ahead and swirl the brush into the shampoo until it has soaked it all up and created foamy bubbles. When you soak the brush in the water make sure you don’t dip it too far down as you don’t want the water to run inside the handle. This will make the glue between the handle and the brush become loose, which will eventually make the handle fall off (speaking from experience, of course…)


Once you have done that, dip the brush back into the water to make sure all of the bubble have gone and voila, your brush is clean!! I then go on to repeat this process with all of my brushes and needless to say, the bigger the brush, the more shampoo you will need to use.



Finally, I always lean my brushes against something higher up so the actual brush is slanting downwards, again, so the excess water doesn’t run down the handle.


I hope you’ve found this budget brush cleaning routine helpful. If you have any other ideas or cleaning hacks then let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear them!

L J x

Johnsons Baby Shampoo – Boots


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