Home Is Where The Heart Is

I’ve always been someone who hates aimlessly sitting around with nothing to do, I have to be doing something. When I was younger if this meant going food shopping with my mum, doing chores around the house or even ‘helping’ my mum with work, I would do it because I hate not having anything to do.

But saying that, the older I get, the more I appreciate being at home and doing nothing.

While being at university and attempting to play the dedicated role of the ‘social butterfly’ it’s easy to forget the importance of those mellow days at home. The days where the height of excitement is leaving the sofa to pick up the tissues to wipe your weary eyes because your good friend Netflix has broken your heart once again.

Grimsby… my home. Yes, it has ‘grim’ in the name. Yes, it’s known for it’s potent smell of fish. And yes, it recently hit it’s height of fame with the questionably ‘comedic’ film named after it. (Which was actually filmed in essex, need I say more). All of this put aside. Grimsby is my home and I love it for what it is. No matter how many exciting places I go to in my life, and how much fun I have there, there will always be a smile on my face when departing from the road and approaching the trusty old ‘Grimsby/ Cleethorpes’ road sign.

In the past I have been known to belittle living right next to a typical, picturesque seaside town. But on my visits home, there is nothing I love to do more than to tag along with my grandparents on their weekly trip to the seaside and consume my own body weight in (no argument) THE BEST fish and chips you will find.


“The magic about home is that it feels good to leave, but even better to come back”


Never take advantage of your time at home, times where your diary is a free runway holding no constrictions to plans or commitments. In my time away from home I have learnt that sometimes doing nothing is good. Because that ‘nothing’ will turn into something, and that ‘something’ is so special.

L J x


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