Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion: Review

Once I’d gotten over my heart melting as my grandma said: ‘I haven’t spent my pocket money yet and I want to spend it on you’, she asked me to rack my brains for an essential that I needed but wouldn’t be able to afford myself. That essential was, moisturizer.


For a while now I have been using the No.7 Early Defence Day Cream. This is a product that my mum was using but at the time she found something that would be better for her skin, so decided to give the remains to me. When I first started using this it really helped my drastically dry face, but as my teenage ‘problem’ skin continues to live it’s long drawn out life, this moisturizer has recently been proving to be too thick and heavy for the sensitive state my skin is currently in. By sensitive I mean literally ANYTHING at the minute will make my skin flare up. (Any suggestions more than welcome).

But of course this all changed when in walked the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. This product, again, was one that I first tried because my mum uses it. I left my moisturizer in Leeds when I came home for the weekend so had to borrow hers. (How convenient, wink, wink).


I am not kidding you, when I got up in the morning after applying this cream before I went to bed, my skin was glowing. I have never, up to this point, owned a moisturizer that has had such a dramatic effect on my skin. Most I have owned in the past have made my skin soft for a couple of hours but in the long run not made the slightest difference (unless that difference is giving me a rash or spots *rolls eyes*). But this moisturising lotion leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a babies bottom and sets up my face ready for the day. If I apply just a small bit in the morning, my makeup always applies so smoothly over the top, which is something I could never achieve with the No.7 day cream.



The best feature of this product is definitely that the smallest bit goes such a long way, making it undoubtedly 100% worth the £18 that it costs. My Grandma kindly bought be the smaller version of this as the larger bottle is a bit more expensive but I can already tell this tube is going to last me a while so I know which ever size you get, it will definitely be worth the money!

If you have recently tried out any Clinique products, do let me know in the comments below because as I would love to expand my collection.

L J x

Clinique – Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

No7 – Early Defence Day Cream


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