These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

If only I’d have captured my boyfriends face when I came in with yet another pair of new shoes. It ceases to amaze me that he still gets surprised that I have splurged out on yet another unnecessary (completely necessary) wardrobe staple.

When I found these gems a few weeks back I just knew they would stick in my mind like a limpet to a rock. So like most shopaholics when they find something they want (need), I found a way of affording them and convinced myself that this was a purchase I simply could not live without. And with the help in hand of a voucher and ‘pocket money’, these beautiful booties didn’t even offend my bank account too much.

These boots are such a versatile addition to the wardrobe that can dress up any outfit or play as the perfect partner to a simple everyday look.


At this point in time I have only taken these out on one journey so I can’t comment too much on how comfortable they are, however on that one journey the only pain I got in my feet was the usual ache you get when you wear a higher heel than usual. But even if they do rub my feet in the (probably very near) future, of course I’ll still wear them, we have to suffer for gorgeous pieces like these!


So now it’s time to slip into my glorious boots and sacrifice my feet once again while I walk an inappropriately long distance before bedding these beauties in. Hello blisters my old friends… you’ve never been more welcome on my suffering feet.

L J x

Photo cred to my amazing sister Zoe (Thank you very much x).

Office – Levi Western Boots Black Leather With Studs


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