Let’s Talk About Love

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where it’s not shunned upon to be ‘cringey’ on social media. The time where it’s deemed acceptable to show the occasional pda. But the question is, why? Why is Valentine’s day the only time of the year that this is seen as the normal thing to do. No matter what time of the year, you are loved. If you are in a relationship or not is irrelevant. You are loved my so many people, whether it be by your parents, siblings, daughters, sons, whatever, you are loved.


However, with that being said, I’m not going to be the one to refuse the opportunity of a day to celebrate and relish in the fact that I am loved. So, if you’re a lover of Valentine’s Day then grab your sick buckets and take a listen to me express how I love to be loved.

Before entering a relationship some people find the thought of someone knowing you inside and out scary. All of your faults and downfalls, your weaknesses and strengths, everything there possibly is to know. But when you meet the person that you want to share this with then suddenly this thought becomes less scary, and more beautiful. You’ll grow to realise that being so close to someone that they know what you’re thinking, without even having to say a word, is such a special thing. Every relationship is different and people will realise at different moments, but as Chloe Plumstead so inspiringly states in her latest post about love, ‘when you know, you know’.


Like most, it’s the small gestures that whisk me off my feet. Whether this be making the effort to come over just for a snuggle and a kiss, or simply receiving a text out of the blue saying ‘I love you’. These are the things that provoke the butterflies, and no matter how long you have been with someone I can assure you, you will still get those butterflies.


Relationships aside, I like to take this day to appreciate just how much I love and am loved by my family and friends. When caught in the haze of the obligatory boyfriend/ girlfriend Valentine’s posts, it’s easy to cast aside the other important people in your life that make you happy from day to day. For me, my mum and my sister are not only my closest family but my closest friend’s, and lately I’ve realised I don’t get chance to tell them this often enough.

So to anyone I love (you know who you are), I thought I would take this oppertunity to say thank you for being who you are, and… I love you!

L J x


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