My Love Hate Relationship With Glasses

Along with 98% of people who are blessed with bad eye sight, I hate glasses shopping. I have such a love hate (mainly hate) relationship with my glasses. No matter how good I feel in my outfit, I will put my glasses on and BAM outfit ruined. I have suffered many a headache because I don’t want to sacrifice the cool outfit, or the carefully crafted makeup I am wearing. It’s ridiculous I know, shame on me.


The last time I went to the opticians, he told me that I should wear my glasses all of the time because I don’t want to lose street cred’ when a friend is walking up to me and I can’t even tell it’s them. As much as I hate to admit it… he was right. The other week I was sitting about a metre away from my friend in the canteen and I had been there for a good ten minutes before I realised it was him. Again, shame on me.

I always go to the opticians with such high expectations. I have an image in my head of me looking all edgy and pulling off the quirkiest glasses I can find. But, of course this never happens. Since a young age, I had always gone to a small local opticians who do not sell ANY fashionable glasses, which resulted in me being the ultimate nerdy child. So last summer while I was working, and had money to spend, I decided to push the boat out and treat myself to some designer glasses which I knew I would wear (and would have to because I spent a lot of money on them…).



As I am growing up, the puppy fat continues to cling to my face for dear life, so finding a pair of glasses that are wide enough on my face is important for me. If I got a small, thin pair they would be lost on me and make my moon face look even bigger than it already is.

As much as I love my Moschino glasses, I have now had them for nearly a year and don’t want to get bored of them. (Ya’ll know what I’m like). I like the idea of having glasses to choose from depending on what outfit I’m wearing, so with this in mind, I decided to venture over to EyeBuy Direct to choose myself a pair of cheap yet very cheerful funky new glasses.



I have always found the thought of buying glasses online daunting.

‘What if they don’t fit?’

‘What if I don’t like them once they’re here?’

‘What if I can’t see through them?’

Fear not – after taking a simple measurement, inputting my presciption and choosing the design, my order was placed.  With most online glasses stores you can order a free trial pair to see if you like them before you commit to getting your prescription put in. I would suggest doing this just to be sure, but of course, me and my impulsive ways decided to go straight in for the kill and order them anyway. Luckily, I struck gold and I LOVE the glasses I ordered.

L J x

Love Moschino – Glasses

EyeBuy Direct – Glasses

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14 thoughts on “My Love Hate Relationship With Glasses

  1. Love this! Plus the glasses are utterly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your experience as I, like many people, was wary of online glasses shopping with the ultimate worry of ending up with something awful on my face. However, once I brought my first online pair I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.

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  2. It makes me sad to put on eyeshadow when I know that my glasses obscure them somewhat 😦 But I can’t wear contact lenses as they irritate my eyes! It’s such a hassle to wear glasses but I need them lest I get run over in the street (true story: I nearly got run over because my glasses fogged up getting off a bus).

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