Under The Apple Tree: Body Shop Review

Anyone who knows me well will know that my absolute favorite scent is apple. With that in mind my family and friends clearly saw a great present opportunity in the form of the body shop limited edition Spiced Apple range this Christmas. So much so that I actually ended up with five of the same shower gel (I ain’t complaining).

So let’s start off with the gorgeous set that I received from my momma…


For me, this kind of surprise present is the best kind. I love receiving bath and body products for Christmas so I can stock up for the rest of the year. And there is no doubt that this year I am most definitely stocked up!

As you may be aware The Body Shop released a variation of this scent last Christmas, but with more of a tangy undertone to it. Which, might I add, I STILL have some of this left!! This year, the scent is ‘infused with the comforting scent of spiced apples’, which definitely smells more ‘seasonal’ due to the spiced scent being so strong. Not overpowering, however. And who’s to say that this should stop you from using these products all year round – I certainly will be.

With so many shower gels I’ve bought in the past, they smell nice at the time, but as soon as I’ve stepped out of the shower/ bath the scent is non-existent. This is NOT one of those products. This scent lingers on your skin in the best way possible. It leaves you with a fresh yet vibrant scent and makes you feel super soft. And what better way to compliment the scent than matching it with the spiced apple body butter and softening body lotion.

As expected, the body butter has a thicker consistency which is perfect for making your legs silky smooth after shaving (not that this would happen at this time of year #growingseason), and the softening body lotion has a light and fluffy texture made even easier to apply with the pump that it comes with. The body lotion isn’t actually part of the set, I got it as an extra present from my sister’s boyfriend, however you can now buy it at the bargain price of £4 (!!!) so if I were you I would get your hands on it while you can.

My favouarte aspect of this set is by far the fact that it comes with foaming bath bubbles. I find that it is rare these days to find a bath set that includes actual bubbles unless in the form of a bath bomb. So I really enjoyed going crazy pouring this in to make my bath bubble heaven.


And finally, a lovely little addition to the set is this lip balm. At this time of year I always carry a lip balm in my pocket with me as the cold weather makes my lips dry and chapped. This lip balm is so soft and soothing on the lips and as an added bonus… it tastes amazing. This is a very useful product to be included in this gift, making the set even better than it already is!!

Did you try any Christmas scents from The Body Shop this year? If not you should definitely spice up your life with the spiced flavours that are on offer, hurry while they’re still available – grab yourself a juicy bargain!

L J x

The Body Shop – Spiced Apple

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