Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes : Review

Hello Lovelies,

Now before I get into this review I thought I would just update you on the New Years Resolution front. If any of you read my latest post then you will probably notice from pictures later on in this review that… yes, I have done it. New years resolution numero 1. has been completed… I got my nose pierced!!! I’m so happy with the result of getting it done and honestly if you’re considering getting yours pierced but are too scared then just do it, it did not hurt at all and it’s over in such a flash. As I predicted, the build up was definitely worst part. Such a pleasant surprise!

Soooo on with the review…

I have to say I always been a sucker for nice packaging and Charlotte Tilbury is the most beautiful of them all. So I must admit, this did have a big impact on my buying of this product. This mascara was in fact a shameless impulse buy… and by far the best one yet. (Yes, there have been many.)

I ran out of my trusty Benefit Roller Lash a while back and haven’t been able to afford a replacement, but I as I was walking through John Lewis and saw the glistening lights of the Charlotte Tilbury sign I just couldn’t refuse an excuse to try out a new product. And of course this decision was made easier by the fact that my student loan was due in the next day *smirks*.

Since my benefit mascara ran out (which I do still love might I add), I have been using the Bourjois volume reveal mascara. This has been clumpy and didn’t seem to last long at all on my lashes, it may be just me but I really haven’t got on with it. So using my new swanky Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes mascara was like a breath of fresh air!

I always look for a mascara that layers up well without clumping on your lashes, and also spreads the lashes out nicely, and this mascara layers perfectly! If you’re not a fan of layering your mascara then one coat of this would definitely still suffice, however, I like to give my lashes the dramatically long and volumised look, so for me, the more layers the better. This is the mascara after just one coat…

As you can see it is already very lengthening, but by leaving it a couple of minutes while it properly dries and adding another coat will just give it that extra umph that I always aim for, and with this thick brush this mascara most definitey does create Full Fat Lashes.

So now for the tie breaking question…. Would I repurchase?

Yes yes yes! I can already tell that this is quickly becoming my holy grale mascara. Yes it is more on the pricey side, but I have been paying around the £20 mark for a while now for my benefit roller lash, so this product is not far off priced at £22. I would definitely say this is worth the money and I will continue to repurchase until I find something even better. (If that is even possible).


Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury’s mascaras too?  If so, please leave your thoughts and comments down below, and let me know your recommendations and fab finds!

L J x

Charlotte Tilbury – Full Fat Lashes

Tune in to next week’s blog for a long chat about university and my experiences…

26 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes : Review

    1. Me too, definitely couldn’t go back from using this!! I’m glad it’s not just me that boujouis didn’t work for. Thank you for commenting! X


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